Wide-Ranging Forestry Services in Salisbury, Wiltshire

Look no further than J Turner Tree Surgery and Forestry for your woodland management needs. Based in Salisbury, Wiltshire, we provide forestry services for all sectors including farms and estates along with private woodland owners. These are available as a one-off service or on a more regular basis to meet your full requirements.

Preserving Woodland Environments

Full risk and health and safety assessments take priority on every project that we carry out. We ensure that everything that we do, including tree surgery and hedgerow management, is completed in the safest way. Our professionals cover all aspects of woodland management, including:

Tree Planting - We have Planted Hundreds of Acres of Woodland Since 1991, and in Excess of 100 Kilometres of New Farm Hedgerow. We Can Supply and Plant all Sizes of Tree Including Large Specimen Trees.

Formative Pruning -In Order to Maximise Timber Quality, We Recommend Formative Pruning of Young Plantations at Regular Intervals

Plantation Maintenance - We Undertake Spraying for Weed Control, Offer Vegetative Management between Rows of Trees, and Control Invasive Weeds and Other Species to Boost Growth Rates and Success

Coppicing - We Regularly Work in Restoring Overgrown Coppice, and Moving the Crop Back Into an Economic Cycle

Thinning - Removal of a Percentage of the Trees to Allow Them to Mature with Less Competition

Felling - Where Possible Trees Will Be Felled and the Timber Used for Firewood or Sold to Produce Timber via Milling

Timber Extraction - We Have a Tractor with a Crane and Trailer to Move Timber to the Roadside

Pest Control - We are able to offer a pest control service for all forestry related pests; Voles, Rabbits, Squirrels and Deer.

Contact us in Salisbury, Wiltshire, to find out more about our forestry and woodland management services.